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Sneaking in under the radar


Wednesday night (Feb. 12, 2014) Bath Township, Greene County, had a zoning board meeting to grant a conditional use permit for IPC Inc. to have a church, learning center, volunteer center, etc., at 3111 Colonel Glenn Highway.

What is IPC Inc.? It is the Islamic Center of Peace. What will they teach? Sharia law, which is in direct contradiction to the Constitution of the United States of America. How is it funded? Don’t know as they were very evasive about that ssue.

Why would we allow this? Because they are using our own laws against us. How do we stop it? Short term, we cannot unless we stoop to the violent and barbaric methods that they use in the middle east against Christians in their own countries. Long term, vote out Islamic sympathisers and elect those who will represent “We the people.”

One might ask why I am so vehemently opposed to this. It is because I do not wear blinders. I see what the ideology of Islam has done to America and other countries. I know what the end game with Islam is. All that it requires is for one to open their eyes and ears to see what is happening under our nose.

If you value your freedom and that of future generations, do not sit back and do nothing. Get involved NOW. Let your voices be heard NOW, and VOTE with this issue at the forefront of your thinking.

— Frank Gilbert, Fairborn

Yes, we do deserve this government


A Feb. 6, 2014, commentary asks the question, “Do we deserve this government?” It is not a rhetorical question. The commentator answers, “I think not.” I disagree. I believe we absolutely deserve the government we have.

Our representatives are re-elected repeatedly. Our Congressman Turner has represented our district since 2003. Senator Brown has been elected to both Congress (1993-2006) and Senate (2007-present) continuously for 21 years. Senator Portman has served in Congress and Senate since 1993, for a total of 15 years.

Voters in Ohio and this district absolutely deserve the government we have as evidenced by the re-election of incumbents. Our representatives’ service has been exemplary as judged by the voters’ repeated endorsements.

The author continues, contrasting the federal income tax to the FairTax. The FairTax is Congressional Bill HR25, Senate Bill S122. Our Congressional representative, Michael Turner, hasn’t supported the FairTax, as evidenced by his lack of co-sponsorship of that bill, nor have our Senators Brown and Portman. On some level our representatives believe their constituents aren’t interested in the FairTax and are satisfied with our current federal income tax. If this were not true our representatives would have co-sponsored the FairTax.

From my perspective our representatives’ beliefs are absolutely correct. After all, our representatives have been re-elected repeatedly, therefore their constituents have no interest in the FairTax, or at least agree with their representatives that the FairTax is of little importance. FairTax proponents are in the minority. Ohio has 16 Congressional districts. Not any of Ohio’s 16 Congressman have co-sponsored the FairTax, 73 Congressman have co-sponsored the bill from other states. Neither of Ohio’s Senators have co-sponsored the FairTax, although eight Senators from other states have done so. As appealing as the FairTax seems to be, it would seem the majority of Ohio citizens prefer the federal income tax and the IRS.

According to polls Congress has a very low approval rating. It is easy to complain about Congress but as Jesus said, “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

— Jim Morgan, Fairborn

Some thoughts on Fairborn


I think it is really great that the old dealership at Broad and Dayton has been bought. I hope they hit the ground running on their business and tell their friends how great Fairborn is.

We as citizens are interested in the status of the entrance to Jack Stewart Fields. We’re also not sure of old York Motor Lodges and why it took so long to take action on the property? We should have been proactive.

Some of us are really interested in the status of the old Firehouse on Broad St. I believe that the status of old firehouse should be updated to the citizens of Fairborn. We also need to know about what is really going on with the old Fairborn theater, is there anything being done about the way outside looks? We all know that no matter what that really never get free money. All money is tax payers’ money.

— Terry Burkert, Fairborn

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