Good morning

By Sandra Sheridan

August 2, 2014

The verse of the day is Romans 12:2a. “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Years ago we had a half German Shepherd, half black lab dog named Maggie. She was such a good girl and we loved her as much as she loved us. She had a peculiar habit. When we would arrive home, she would see our car turning into the lane. Her ears would prick up and then she would take off across the yard, around the barnyard, and through the field, finally arriving to the spot where we parked in time to greet us with wagging tail and lolling tongue.

It seems that in her excitement to see us she just had to race around to get out the extra energy. The strange thing was that she took this same route every time we came home so that over the years she wore a path in the grass. I am sure if someone took a picture from above our property they could have plainly seen the trail she created from her regular circuitous race across our land.

Any time one goes over the same territory over and over they wear a groove in the path. This happens all the time in nature, thus creating “rabbit trails” or “deer tracks.” A similar phenomena happens in our brain.

I recently read an article describing how the brain is made up of cells called neurons. The cells have nerve endings that communicate with each other by chemical and electrical stimuli. This communication creates neuro-pathways in the brain and facilitates how the brain works. When you think certain things, you begin to create a path in your brain. The more and more you think the same things, these paths become deeper forming an automatic way of thinking.

It is possible to change this automatic way of thinking by forcing your brain to take a different path. When you choose new thoughts and behaviors, these will become your dominant ways of thinking. The Bible calls this “renewing your mind.” If you are naturally fearful, remind yourself that the Lord alone makes you dwell in safety. If you normally worry, focus on the fact that God cares for you. Instead of dwelling on negative things, think about what is true, lovely, and pure. As you fill your mind with the truths God says in His word, you will develop a new mind path. You will renew your mind.

Though I don’t think that we could have gotten Maggie to take a new trail through the barnyard, I am grateful that God’s word tells us what science has proven: you can develop a new mind path. Do not conform to the thought patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. — Love Mama