Greene County Parks & Trails hosts insect workshop for kids

July 25, 2014

BEAVERCREEK — Greene County Parks & Trails recently held a Night Insect Workshop for children at the Narrows Reserve in Beavercreek.

Children at the event participated in a variety of activities:

  • Catching insects using a device known as a “pooter.” A pooter is a small jar with two straws inserted in it. The children were able to suck the insect into the jar using the straws.
  • Playing a game called “Bats and Mosquitoes” where the blindfolded bat would emit a squeak and the un-blindfolded mosquito would respond with a squeak. The bat attempted to tag the mosquito using echolocation.
  • Learning how to tell the difference between and a moth and a butterfly through a craft project.
  • Planting a milkweed as a host plant for the monarch butterfly and netted insects.

For more information about Greene County Parks & Trails, call 937-562-6440, email abotkin@co.greene.oh.us or visit www.gcparkstrails.com.