The letters I write are from God

By Charlie Huff

July 24, 2014

The Bible talks so much about loving one another. God is love, and I am made in His image. I’m walking with Jesus, the One who came to die and take away my sins so I could get to heaven. The words I speak are straight from the heart. God looks upon the heart, so I’m okay.

I keep saying in a lot of my letters, the truth will set you free. Knowing heaven is at hand, what else is there? Every day is the best day of my life. Yes, trouble tries to interrupt my walk with God, but it cannot penetrate the armor of God.

If you really knew my life, I could help just about anybody that would listen. I’m not saying these things just to be tooting my own horn. Without Christ guiding me along, this evil pathway I could not make it.

People say they don’t need God. Okay, wait until trouble hits, I mean big, big, trouble. Then where can you go if you don’t lean on the arms of the One that created you and loves you? I go through lots of aches and pains in life just like everyone I meet. Just because you turn to Jesus doesn’t mean that trouble won’t come at you. You can handle it better if you have someone to give it to, and Jesus is the One.

In lots of my letters I say you don’t have to believe me, Jesus said some won’t. They don’t believe Him, and He is all truth. You can dislike me, talk about me, and I will not lose one night’s sleep over it. Everyone has a mind of their own, but if you get a heart change, you’ll be brand new. God is the only One that can change your heart to make it new.

Talk to some who used to be on the wrong track, and see if you don’t want to be brand new. I went to church today, and I cannot believe the love and hugs and smiles that I received. Wow, unbelievable, God is good. If I just sat and talked to some of the nonbelievers, they might get a new view of life. Yes, I know, some won’t listen, but that’s not my problem. I’m supposed to try to help them.

I was on the wrong path at one time, and oh, what a life I have now. My life is so good now that it’s hard to believe that it’s me. If I told you the story of my life, you would stop and think about what the Lord is saying to you.

Sometimes I just sit and cry for no reason, because I’m so blessed amongst all the evil that surrounds me. The Bible talks about my tears, and when I know how precious they are to God, I’m not ashamed to cry. I’m not the only one that cries easily, and it’s so good when I start crying. I see a couple others doing it, too.

The reason I can write a letter or two or three a day is that God lets me see what I should tell someone. We are His spokespersons, and we never know when our words will fall on ears that will listen. Most of my letters are three pages and when they put them in the paper, they only take up a small space. Some may think it’s too much, but when it’s interesting, people will read it and wait on the next one. Sometimes, I write a two-part letter and at the end of the first I write “to be continued”—just like on TV when you get interested in a movie, and it gets good, it says “to be continued.”

That’s the way the Bible is, you read it and the next day, you continue to read and pretty soon, you are hooked. If I continue to write every day, it’s hard to tell how many letters I’ll have for someone to read when I go home. That’s what so many before us have done—they have left a legacy for us so we can make it the Land of Promise (heaven).

When I read the Bible and go out into this evil world, I want to tell someone the Good News. At my age, I’m getting closer to home, and I don’t have anything else to talk about. When you see how many that there are on the pathway to destruction, you want to help as many as you can.

Let me close with this. You might not want to listen to me because you might think that I’m just a dumb ‘ole human. I’m made in God’s image. I don’t know it all, but I have His wisdom because I asked Him for it. I’m a child of God, smarter than I look, but what have looks got to do with it? If I don’t make sense, then I know you won’t listen to God. Tomorrow is not promised, don’t wait, eternity is forever. How will you spend it?

Charlie Huff is a Xenia resident and religion guest columnist.