Local Q&A

By Kyle Shaner

May 21, 2014

Amy Bousman, a 1994 graduate of Mississinawa Valley High School, played volleyball, basketball and softball in high school.

Her answers are as follows:

Q- What sports did you play?

A- In high school I played basketball and fast pitch. I also played softball for a summer rec league.

Q-Why didn’t you choose to focus on just one sport?

A-I didn’t focus on one sport because I enjoyed them all. I played volleyball my freshman year but not after that because I didn’t really like it. I liked basketball but I think I was better at softball and liked it a little more.

Q-Did playing multiple sports hurt your chance to play the collegiate level?

Q-I don’t think I would have ever been at the collegiate level even if I did only play one sport.

Sophia Navas-Davis, a senior at Greenville High School, is a first team all-Greater Western Ohio Conference North Division tennis player. She is committed to play college tennis at Otterbein University.

Her answers are as follows:

Q-Why did you choose to sport you did?

A-I chose tennis because I thought I was decent at it. As I got older and I started practicing more, I realized that I’m kind of good at it.

Q-Do you miss paying sports you have given up?

A-In some ways, yes. I miss the people who I played with and the sport itself. But I love tennis and in the end, I’m happy with the decision to stop playing those other sports.

Q-Has focusing on one sport helped your chances of earning a college scholarship?

A-It most certainly has helped my chances of earning a college scholarship. By practicing and focusing on only tennis I could critique every little thing. I got better and I will be continuing tennis at the collegiate level.

Q-Are you playing your favorite sport or the sport that will best help you get to college?

A-I’m playing my absolute favorite sport. College isn’t all about playing a sports; it’s about getting a higher education. I’m just fortunate enough to be able to play tennis in college.

Q-When did you choose to become focused on a single sport and why?

I chose to become focused on only one sport because I wasn’t interested in any other sports. I played two sports in junior high, but I always leaned on tennis. Deciding to play tennis year round was the best decision I ever made, well second best — first would be picking the right college.