Middle school students of the month

May 20, 2014

JAMESTOWN — Greeneview Middle School announces May Students of the Month. The following students were recognized: Grade 8 – Hunter Richards and Hannah Wilburn; Grade 7 – Emily Smith; Grade 6 – Maisie Sparks; Grade 5 – Lizzy Valentine.

Hunter Richards, nominated by Principal Mrs. Minear, has recently undergone a serious back surgery and has recovered well. “Hunter is such a positive young lady and could not wait to get started back on her schoolwork, which she takes very seriously,” said Minear. “She has overcome serious obstacles with a wonderful attitude and without complaining! She is an inspiration for students and adults alike.

Hannah Wilburn, nominated by her English teacher Mrs. Jones, “She is extremely bright and well spoken. She always comes to class prepared, is always doing what she’s supposed to, and is an excellent role model to her peers. “I know she is doing her best work at all times and it shows.”

Emily Smith, nominated by Counselor Mrs. Balmer and her social studies teacher Mrs. McKinney, “Emily does great work and follows directions in class. She is respectful, has a good attitude, and is friendly to all. Emily is a great listener and is also able to think outside the box. Emily recently performed in the Dayton area Irish Dance recital, called a Caili, and as a 12-year-old, danced with the high school girls in all of their routines. Students are selected by age and by ability into what group they are placed. Emily did a truly beautiful job with her dancing, and was awarded one of two dance scholarships given for the top students to attend a prestigious summer dance camp in our area.”

Maisie Sparks, nominated by her teacher Mrs. Ryan, “is a very responsible, polite, and conscientious student. She always has her work completed, is always prepared for class, and is organized and ready to learn at the beginning of each class period. Maisie wants to do her best and is willing to put in the effort needed to make sure she has completed assignments, tests, and quizzes to the best of her ability.

When she is unsure or needs extra help, she takes the time to make sure she asks and then actually thanks the teachers for the help, making a special point and going out of her way to show her appreciation by always saying ‘Thank you for helping me.’ What an amazing gift that is for a teacher to hear those words! The most outstanding characteristic that Maisie exhibits that makes her stand out among her peers is her politeness and her appreciation for others. She demonstrates the qualities that all students should have.”

Lizzy Valentine, nominated by her teacher Mrs. Cross, is a joy to have in class said her teacher. “She is always cheerful and eager to learn. She is very helpful to her classmates, taking time to explain things to them if they are struggling to understand. Lizzy was very generous in bringing in items for the basket our class made for the Quarter auction last fall.”

Greeneview Middle School administration congratulated the students for their accomplishments.