Mock crash raises awareness

By Scott Halasz

May 2, 2014

XENIA — Xenia High School held a mock crash at the school on Thursday.

With prom coming up Saturday night, school officials took the opportunity to stage the accident to help students understand the serious nature of impaired driving. Crews from the city and township fire departments, State Highway Patrol, Miami Valley Hospital CareFlight and Xenia Police Division participated, along with drama students from the high school.

Brooke Eastep was the alleged drunk driver with passengers Teresa Cardenas and Susan Poliquin. The other vehicle was occupied by Chelsea Stewart, Precious Oluwasanya and Carly Wiener.

While the crews were responding like they would in a real crash, Xenia Police Division Sgt. Scott Beegle spoke with the student body, explaining what was going on.

Eastep was “arrested” and led away in handcuffs by the highway patrol. Another student was taken away in CareFlight.