Widener says ‘No’ to Common Core materials

May 2, 2014

COLUMBUS — State Senator Chris Widener (R–Springfield) voted against funding that allows the Ohio Department of Rehabilitations and Corrections to purchase textbooks approved by Common Core standards, including Algebra, Analyzing Data, and Pre-Algebra. The textbooks will be provided by a sole-source provider, out of state, without any competitive bid process.

“Many criticisms have been levied against Common Core, and exclusivity is certainly part of that criticism,” Widener said. “I have concerns about content from a sole source vendor and the Department of Education should rethink their position. The legislature in the state should also rethink requiring standards that are not transparent and content that has to be sole sourced.”

“I am concerned that not only are our GED tests purchased without any competition and from an out of state vendor, but also that the materials that are used to prepare for the test are also purchased without any choice but to buy from another vendor located outside of Ohio.”

The Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections requested to acquire 9,300 text books for $18.93 each, with a total cost of $126,000 to the state.