All above was shambles

By Scott Halasz

April 3, 2014

I will enjoy telling you our story of how the Lord was watching over us at Nazarene Kiddie Kollege, our nursery school and kindergarten, that day.

We were aware of the tornado warnings and I alerted our teachers. Our office lady said the Dayton station said it had passed but as one of our teachers and her husband were leaving they saw the tornado coming toward our church on West Second Street. They ran back in and told us to get the children to the basement. We had just got the children seated in the hallway when the tornado hit us and destroyed our church.

I had just told the children our lights may go out but the Lord would watch over us and the light from the ceiling fell and we were hit. When we looked out, all above was shambles. Cement blocks filled the rooms where our children were just a few minutes earlier.

Many of the parents were so frightened when they finally were able to get to the church fearing we had not been spared. Our pastor met them outside to assure them we were all safe in the basement. It was very late when some of the parents could get to our church and some could not come until the next day.

— Mrs. Garnet Beam