Fairborn Municipal Court

March 27, 2014

Feb. 21

Shawn Ankey, 8953 Emeraldgate, Huber Heights, guilty, disorderly conduct by intoxication, $150 fine, $100 costs, 30 days jail, 29 days suspended, good behavior for 2 years; banned from the Greene for 2 years

Joshua B. Patrick, 316 Emerson, Fairborn, no contest, driving under suspension (failure to reinstate) $200 fine, $100 costs.

Shawn Combvs, 418 Mount Joy, St., Springfield, guilty, possession of criminal tools, $150 fine, $100 costs. Special conditions: good behavior for 2 years. 2 years supervised probation with winners circle. Banned from all Target stores for 2 years. Jail is 100 days no good time, concurrent.

Samuel H. Weathersby, 920 N. Detroit St., Apt. 24 Xenia; guilty, unauthorized use of property; $100 fine, $100 costs, 30 days jail time, 29 suspended. Special conditions: pay restitution in the amount of $9.12; Banned from all Steak And Shakes restaurants for 2 years. No contact with victim for 2 years.

Paris D. Boyd, 5818 Shady Cove Lane, Trotwood, attempted no contest, $150 fine, $100 costs, good behavior for two years, 90 days jail, 89 suspended; banned from WO Wright’s for 2 years.

Feb. 18

Belinda G. McCane, 1590 Jacksonville Road, Peebles, guilty, child endangering, $150 fine, $100 costs. No contest, O.V.I/under the influence. $450 fine, 180 days jail, 162 days suspended; special conditions: 3 day driver intervention program. 15 days house arrest with alcohol monitor and work release. Community control for up to 2 years supervised. Good behavior for 2 years.

Danny R. Quesinberry, 4600 Old Clifton Road, Springfield, guilty, obstructing, $150 fine, $100 costs, Jail 90 with 81 suspended; special conditions: good behavior for 2 years.

Cory W. Campbell, 1303 W. Mulberry St., Springfield, 12-point suspension, guilty, $50 fine, $100 costs; 10 days jail time, 6 days suspended; no future similar violation for 1 year.

Chase W. Boyd, 317 Arms Drive, Apt. D, Fairborn, guilty, OVI/under the influence, $450 fine, $100 costs, 180 days jail time, 177 suspended. Operators license suspended from Oct. 20, 2013 to April 19, 2014. Special Conditions: no future similar violations for 2 years, 3 days driver intervention program; community control for up to 2 years supervised assessment for drug and alcohol with follow up.

Shaylarenai M. Honeyman, 27 Elmwood Ave., Troy, Petty Theft Guilty $150 fine, $100 costs, 180 days jail, 60 days suspended; special conditions: remanded 109 days, no good time. Communtiy control 2 years. Assessment for drug/alcohol and follow-up. Good behavior 2 years. Banned from all Walmart stores 2 years. Defendant considered for 90 day Greene Leaf Program.

Smith, Michael R., 5069 Lower Valley Pike, Springfield, guilty, Complicity To Theft Guilty $100 fine, $100 costs, 180 days jail, 90 suspended; special conditions: remand for 79 days, no good time. Banned from all Walmart stores 2 years.

Shawn M. Combs, 418 Mount Joy St., petty theft, guilty $150 fine, $100 costs; Special Conditions: good behavior for 2 years. 2 years supervised probation with completion of Winners Circle. Banned from the Mall At Fairfield Commons for 2 years. Jail Is 100 days no good time, concurrent with previous case.

Darnell Martin, 1646 Philadelphia Drive, Dayton, no contest, trespassing, $150 fine, $100 costs, 30 days jail, all suspended; special Conditions: jail, no good time. Good behavior 2 tears. Banned from all Walmart Stores for 2 years.

Venus L. Hanslet, 4644 Prescott Ave., Dayton, guilty, DUS/OLF, $125 fine, $100 costs.

Chelsea P. Hauptstueck, 7532 Pomeranian Drive, Huber Heights, no contest, failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead; $150 fine, $100 costs.

Brian Stoner, 800 N. Broad St., Apt. 254, Fairborn, guilty, DUS (FRA suspension), $120 fine, $100 costs.