Letter to the editor

March 21, 2014

Our own universal health care


All other industrialized nations have a variation of universal health care often called single payer. All of those nations have statistically better health care results than we do (at lower cost) and none of them have any significant opposition wanting to change their system. While annually, we have over 600,000 personal bankruptcies due to medical costs (most by people insured with poor policies), the other nations have none.

While our people suffer, insurance companies and health care providers profit lavishly. They control Congress by funding the campaigns of friends and of the opponents of enemies. Single payer can’t pass.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed only by including mandatory policy provisions demanded by the insurance companies. While not covering everyone, more than 40 million additional people will be covered through the ACA exchanges and the ACA expansion of Medicaid. The ACA prohibits the major abuses of insurance companies (pre-existing condition denials, coverage caps, cost driven policy cancellations, etc.). Better policies are available at lower cost. Call 800-318-2596 or go to HealthCare.gov by March 31.

And the ACA allows for states to substitute their own universal health coverage! Ohio can do it by an Ohio Constitutional amendment! See ConnerForOH.com.

— Bill Conner, Beavercreek