Seek me early

By Charlie Huff

February 27, 2014

Here I sit at 2:15 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep, so I removed myself from my bed, put on my slippers and robe and walked outside in the darkness.

Oh, how peaceful it is, walking and talking to God early. He said if we seek Him early, we will find Him waiting for us. The sky is beautiful and the air is blowing gently across my face. What a beautiful creation we have to enjoy before we go to heaven.

They call me the night watchmen in the neighborhood because I’m up a lot walking with my Creator. Oh, what peace there is early in the morning. He is the night watchman all over the world. For years I have been doing this. I don’t want to waste a moment of God’s beauty.

Most of the time, I see all the stars that He hung in the sky. I never miss the moon when it appears, right above my home. It’s amazing as I walk and pray and thank Him for my life. The moon, when it is there, seems to follow me up and down the street.

It’s winter time now, and the ground is covered with glistening white snow. As I walk and look back at the footprints that I thought were mine, I remember the poem “Footprints in the Sand.”

Then I know the footprints that I look back and see are His. He carried that big, old rugged cross to Calvary, and He said that He would carry me all the way to heaven.

As I walk in the early morning, it’s quiet and peaceful; no interruptions. When I walk and pray and sometimes sing, tears run down my face. Why? Because when I talk to the Father above, I remember where He brought me from.

After I walk and talk to Him, I go back to bed and dream about heaven. When I awake and see the sun shining through my window, it is time to thank Him some more. Some of my friends tell me that they are not an early bird. Some of my friends tell me that I have rubbed off on them.

We are to talk to the Father, pray for each other, and life will be what it was meant to be. Yes, there is a lot of trouble all around us, but greater is He that is within us, than He that’s in the world.

I go out and walk and breathe the sweet cool winter air and come back in and write. Back and forth, out in the peace and quietness of the night. Then back inside to get warm and back outside. Wow, what a beautiful life, walking early with God, singing heavenly songs, praying, waiting on daylight.

When the night fades away and daylight comes into view, God and I start a new journey. Night after night, day after day, I just love to sing and to pray. I tell my friends to get up and go outside and see something beautiful. When I go outside in the early morning, there is always something different that the Lord shows me. Sometimes I email a friend and tell them the moon is shining so bright amongst the stars.

The next day they email me, and tell me that they were looking at the sky also. There is so much to see in life. All we have to do is look for God and He will show us His beauty. I could tell you so much, and they more I seek Him, the more I see of Him. I always say it’s been the best day of my life.

He shows me things so I can tell someone about how great He is. When we know that this world is passing away, we better be ready when time is up. Some say that the word of God is all I talk about.

Not true. I talk about the beautiful flowers, the singing birds, the clouds, the stars, the moon, the wind that’s blowing, the rainbow that sometimes appears in the sky, and on and on it goes. Now really, it’s all God and what He made for us. No you think that’s great, wait until we enter heaven.

Charlie Huff is a local resident and guest columnist.