Lots may not be for sale

By William Duffield bduffield@civitasmedia.com

February 1, 2014

XENIA — The City of Xenia has made a request to the Greene County Commissioners to purchase .583 acres of parking area near the intersection of East Main and Whiteman streets to expand the area where the city hopes to build a new “home.”

Xenia City Council approved a plan that would build a new city hall at the location. The additional lots would allow the city to provide the possibility of a drive-thru window for residents paying utility bills as well as provide parking.

The land parcels are adjacent to land already owned by the city and, if the commissioners do not agree to sell the property, plans for the new city hall will still be a “go.”

Reports are that the county is not interested in selling the parcels.

“The county is meeting with the city to discuss the request,” Howard Poston, Greene County Administrator, said. “We will be taking into consideration the county’s need for the lots for our operations and if there is any ability to accommodate the needs of the city.”

The .583 acres, which equals 25,396 square feet, are valued at $89,430,

An alternative plan from the City would be only the purchase of Lot 1. That acquisition would square the property owned by the city.

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