Streetcar plot twists

December 28, 2013

The story of Cincinnati’s streetcar has had more plot twists than a Hollywood thriller, so it’s fitting the story had a suspense-filled and ultimately happy ending Thursday.

Cincinnati’s elected officials deserve credit for respecting the political process, listening to constituents with an open mind and being willing to let facts and data lead them in a different direction than the paths they’d previously staked out. Council members David Mann and Kevin Flynn deserve a shout-out for working hard behind the scenes to ensure the best possible outcome for the city.

The legions of Cincinnati residents who collected petition signatures and showed up at council chambers to wait hours for the chance to speak deserve our respect for their inspiring campaign. They could have surrendered or turned the conversation ugly; instead they persisted and used the institutions and processes for their advantage.

The philanthropic leaders who stepped forward to create a path out of the mess, people like Tim Maloney and Eric Avner of the Haile Foundation, Otto Budig and Murray Sinclaire, also deserve our thanks. We wish more leaders from business and higher education had been willing to chime in, but perhaps they’ll now be willing to follow the path others have created.

— The Cincinnati Enquirer