FitzGerald needs to move on

December 19, 2013

Now that Eric Kearney has stepped aside, the best thing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald can do is lick his wounds and move on, and quickly.

Kearney, a state senator from Cincinnati, had appeared to be an excellent choice as FitzGerald’s candidate for lieutenant governor until it was discovered he has federal and state tax debt of more than $700,000….

Republicans, of course, reveled in the Democrats’ misery, especially since Democrats repeatedly raised concerns about the tax debts of Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges.

But Kearney’s situation is different in that he was seeking election, not appointment, to a statewide office.

With Kearney off the ticket, FitzGerald has major damage control to do. Some are already questioning if FitzGerald can handle the complexities of running the state if he can’t fully vet his right-hand man….

Fitzgerald must distance himself from Kearney and move on, with the knowledge that his next pick will likely receive even more scrutiny than the first. He’s said he won’t announce a new running mate until after the new year.

That should give FitzGerald and his handlers adequate time to ask potential running mates questions not only about finances, but about past statements they’ve made, friendships, and medical history.

Those are things that either weren’t asked of Kearney, or not asked until it was too late.

— The (Findlay) Courier