Where does the money come from?

December 19, 2013


Reading the story about the Xenia City School situation with Deb Piotrowski made me sick in my stomach.

Typically when someone runs for school board appointment it is because they care about the kids in their community. This article with the break down of her benefits when she leaves clearly states that she doesn’t. If she did, she would not take all that money from our kids.

My question is this….if my boy who goes to Warner doesn’t get books for his classes to use because of no money, why is there enough money to buy her off? I’m sorry but that’s exactly what it looks like we are doing.

I’m appalled by what has happened in our schools. You have kids fighting in the halls and no one doing anything about it. You have bullying running rampant and no one does anything about it. However, there seems to be plenty of monies to buy off the superintendent.

We have to pay a fortune for our kids to do sports and band or other activities, which bring in monies to the schools as well as recognition. We have to supply a fortune worth of supplies yearly. We do this because we were told the economy has caused difficulties for the district.

Well, her severance package clearly shows there aren’t any difficulties financially.

Personally, I’m wondering if since our kids bring in monies to the schools, maybe as parents we should start charging the district a monetary fee to have our kids represent them – sounds crazy but so is this entire situation.

I have nothing against this woman personally as I’ve not even met her. It’s the situation that I’m appalled with. God bless our kids.

— Karan Puttin, Xenia